“It is not so much the song that is sacred but rather it is the tie it forges between people.”
Philippe Barraqué

For information, please contact
Mireille Desrochers
at 514-842-2925, extension 259,
or at 1 866 842-2925

Musical offerings welcome!

If you are a choral director, how would you like to give a short concert by your choir at the Basilica? To be approved, the choral program must consist entirely of sacred music and may last no longer than 20 minutes. Performances must take place on weekdays, Monday through Friday, during normal opening hours. To arrange a performance, simply complete the information form and send with a recording of your choir, if you have one, as well as any other supporting documents. Our committee will then evaluate your application.

Download the form and the Frequently Asked Questions.

Please note that visitors accompanying the choir must pay the current admission fees. These fees also apply to choir members who wish to tour the church before or after their performance, with or without a guided tour.

If your tour is passing through Montreal, don’t miss this amazing sightseeing opportunity....Arrange a stopover at Notre-Dame. For details, please see our Group tours section.